A Fuzzy Puppy Set Me Up For Romance…

This is a pretty weird story but it’s totally true. I guess Truth is Stranger than fiction!

Last summer I was working at a busy pizza joint on Main Street making money for tuition. When I say busy I mean really busy with orders and delivery and not a moment to think. Just as well as I really didn’t want to think about my life at all. I had been dumped by Denise at the end of term. What I thought was true love was a big fat lie and my heart was broken into a zillion tiny pieces. It was better to be super busy that summer and just not think about all of the great times we shared that first year of college. I am usually not a sappy guy but Denise really threw me for a loop and the dumping came out of the blue.

A cute fuzzy dog hooked me up!

Anyway I was riding my pathetic self to work on Tuesday just minding my own business, well more like in a daydream when I heard a yelping sound. I fell off my bike and looked down at a white fuzz ball with it’s leash wrapped around my bike chain.

“What the hell are you doing?” yelled a voice from above. I hand grabbed the tangled leash and freed the fuzz ball. I put out my hand for what I thought was a someone to help to get up, but no help came.

“Hey I’m sorry but you should get control of your dog or whatever you call that thing!” I yelled back and got up by myself. Owner and dog were already long gone and I was left to my own devices. Typical I thought. Can I just get a break ?

Anyway I got myself to work and after about ten minutes had totally forgotten about the whole thing. I was on delivery that night and was sent out on a quick 5 minute delivery and hopefully a nice big tip. Well you can guess who the pizza was for. Yup the owner of the fuzzball. When she opened the door the yelping sound was the first thing I heard and I literally cringed. However when I looked at her, I could not believe my eyes. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. I became a bumbling idiot as I gave her the pizza and could barely speak. She smiled at me and said ” Hey weren’t you the guy with the bike who almost choked my dog? I am so sorry for being rude”. She gave me the money for the pie with her number scribbled on the twenty.

I called her the next day and we have been dating ever since. It’s crazy to think that a yappy little fuzzball nearly killed me and brought me happiness. So Weird – We call it our Puppy Romance!

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