After Twenty Years We Picked Up Just Where We Had Left Off…

We were high school sweet hearts. That sounds pretty corny but it was the fact.

Glenda and I first saw each other on the first day of Grade nine and I swear she really was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Older couple - still in love!

When she smiled at me on that first week of September in the school gymnasium I really did feel light image of an older couple in loveheaded and my face instantly blushed. She came over to me. “You’re Stan right?” I nodded and all I could do was say “yes Sir-ee thats me.” I wouldn’t have blamed her if she laughed at me on the spot and walked away. But as luck would have it she just smiled and said “I thought so”.

I have no idea what she saw in me but after that first day of school we were inseparable. We sat together during our lunch period, we walked home together and hung out together every afternoon. Life was perfect with Glenda with me. Stan and Glenda forever.

Well that was high school and things change. Glenda’s family moved to a small town in Oregon and even though we promised to write and stay in touch it just didn’t happen.

Fast forward twenty five years and our high school was holding its twenty fifth reunion. I was not excited about going and feeling inadequate about my recent divorce and my less than stellar career choices. However I decided to bite the bullet and go and who knows I might even have fun.

As I stood in that same gymnasium where I had first laid eyes on Glenda so many years ago, I saw her again looking just as beautiful. She walked over to me and said “You’re Stan right?” Without a beat I said “Yes sir-ee thats me” and smiled. Could this be real? Was this really Glenda?

We talked non-stop for the rest of the evening, completely ignoring everyone else. Turns out that her husband Dan had passed away five years ago and she was now living here with her teenage daughter. After twenty years we picked up exactly where we had left off as if no time at all had passed by. I asked her to marry me that very evening and she accepted right on the spot. I am happy to have my high school sweetheart as my loving and beautiful wife, better late than never.

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