Double Base And Love On A Bus…

I am always amazed at why musicians pick the instruments they play. Do they play the trumpet because Dad played and there was a spare one lying around? Did they pick the electric guitar because they wanted to be a rock star like their idols? I am a curious person and I just think about stuff like that.

So when I saw a very cute guy with a double base on the bus last weekend, my curiosity went into hyper drive. When I say cute, he was adorably disheveled with his curly dark hair and nerdy classes. He struggled with his double base to the back of the bus and stood there kind of close to me and gave me a cute and exhausted smile. A double base is not an easy instrument to carry around. It’s big and cumbersome and in the middle of winter it’s case is like a man’s parka. So it’s like lugging around another dude in a winter coat who does nothing to help you.

Sexy guy with a Violin?

I must confess, I have always had a thing for musicians. Like a lot of kids, I was forced to take piano lessons and really loathed it. I was not a very focused kid and could not be bothered to practice and keep at it. When I see people who are musically talented I am really awestruck (especially if they are handsome).

I had been single for the past 6 months and was not really looking to find love. My previous relationship didn’t end badly, it just sort of fizzled out. Anyhow, during the bus ride, I found my self daydreaming about the double base dude and wondering about what he was like. So the bus stopped, he struggled to get out, I jumped up to help him even though it wasn’t my stop and the bus left without me on it.

Oh dear I now had to wait in the cold for the next bus. What did I do that for? this was crazy. My Double Base Dude was cute and apologetic. “I am so sorry. I feel so bad that the bus left. I will wait for the bus for you.”

“No that’s OK. I am sure another one will be by soon enough”, I replied (even though I was not sure at all). “Hey” he said. “I have an idea. Why don’t you come to my rehearsal and then one of my friends who has a car can drive you home? I am sure it will be fine and it might be fun for you to hear us play. Please say yes”.

I did say yes and had a fabulous time. Ronnie (the double base dude’s name) belongs to a jazz quartet and plays really – really well. I could not stop looking at him for 2 hours of rehearsals and couldn’t stop smiling. We had chemistry for sure.

We have been dating now for 3 years and we couldn’t be happier. Love is out there. You just never now if it is lugging a big double base on a bus!

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