I dove onto the pool but my bikini bottom didn’t…

Samantha and I were room mates and had just moved into an apartment across the street from the beach. We decided that it would be fun to throw a pool party to get to know the our neighbors. We were a couple of young single girls and were hoping that there were some nice looking guys also living here.

A single chick in a bikini

The week before the party we printed up some fun invitations and put them around the complex and posted them in the common rooms.The morning of the party we put out some decorations and got pretty excited at hosting our first grown up party. We both had bought brand new bikinis and we were both pretty impressed with ourselves. We thought we looked smoking hot. Guests started arriving around 4pm and things were going great, there were some very nice people and a couple of hot guys who happened to live one floor below us. I struck up a conversation with Ed who was new to the area and had great hair. We were really hitting it off when I decided to show off my diving skills. I dove onto the pool but my bikini bottom didn’t. I was so embarrassed, but thankfully Ed was a true gentleman and grabbed a towel and hid his face while I climbed out of the pool. He found my bikini bottom and said ” I presume this belongs to you”. It actually was pretty funny and we still laugh about it now. We went out on our first real date the very next day and have been together ever since. Now when I go to a pool party I always wear a one piece.

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