Rocky Start To Great Vacation Romance…

This may sound super weird, but trust me, it’s true. You’ve heard the line that “Truth is stranger than fiction”, well this is just that.

About 6 months ago my newly singled self decided that the way to get over a bad breakup was not ice cream, or shoes, but a week away at the beach. I searched late one night on the internet and found an all inclusive resort in sunny Mexico. You’ve all seen those alluring photos of beautiful beaches, beautiful sunsets and beautiful tanned vacationers having a wonderful time. I knew that the resorts were selling a dream and I bought into it hook, line and sinker. These companies really know what they are doing!

A woman in love

So the morning of my departure I got to the airport at the required 3 hours ahead of time and was met with a huge crowd of people waiting in the passport control line. To say it was pandemonium is an understatement and I really worried about whether I would actually make my flight. We were like cattle being lead to one pen and then another though endless line ups. I decided to try and relax and did some meditative exercises to relieve the stress and tension. While my eyes were closed I was pushed from behind and soon I was on the floor with all of my documents scattered beside me. I looked up and saw the culprit. An attractive guy with a mop of dark hair and dark eyes to match helped me up and apologized for the kerfuffle. He handed me my papers and I think my mouth was open but nothing came out.

Anyway we ended up talking through the rest of the line up and it certainly made the waiting a lot more bearable. When it came time for me to go to the immigration officer I walked up to the desk and handed over my boarding pass and my passport. I smiled but the office did not smile back. In fact he frowned at me and pressed an emergency button and lights and alarms started flashing.

“Excuse me Sir” What is going on?” I politely asked. There was no reply but another officer came over and escorted me to a high security area. I knew this because the sign above the door said “High Security Area”. I was very confused and my heart started to race. I had no idea what was going on. Would I make my flight? Five minutes went by and the door opened and in walked another immigration officer and Mr. Dark Eyes. He looked over at me and smiled but I burst into tears. I was so scared! He put his arms around me and said “Hey don’t worry. It looks like our passports got mixed up when I knocked you over. You have mine and I have yours. Everything is going to be OK. Just a silly misunderstanding. Trust me.”

It turns out that he was right and we were out of there in a matter of minutes. We made it to our flight. Mr. Dark Eyes, AKA Carlos, was going to the same resort and we had a fabulous time in sunny Mexico. We have been together ever since and are planning another trip together. This time we will make sure we have our own passports.

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