Romantic Dinner With Momů

Mom Setting Dinner Out!

A couple of months ago I met this guy Online and, since he seemed really nice and we had a fair bit in common, I took him up on his offer to have dinner together. He explained that he had a lot of food allergies so he said it would be best if I just came to his place to eat. I usually don't go to a strangers house on a first date but he said his roommate would be there so it would be safe. So I agreed.

When I arrived for our romantic dinner date it quickly became apparent that his roommate was his mom. It got a bit more odd when I discovered that his mother was making us dinner and that we would be having dinner with her - family style in the kitchen. He was sweet but the whole thing felt a bit like I was 13 and was at a friend's parent's place. Of course there was no wine, no candles and his mother did most of the talking. Giving her credit though, the pot roast was yummy.

After our desert of jello we (including his mother) went to the living room where she sat on the sofa beside us and she turned on the TV. Moment's later his mother chose a movie. It was an old one called "Summer Lovers" and within a few minutes I realized it was about a horny young couple and their sexual exploits in Greece. I was working on an excuse to leave when the mom got up and headed out of the room saying "that's just too sexy for me - you kids be good...".

That was it for me. I got out of there.

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