Wearing See Through Yoga Pants to a Family Reunion - No Bueno!

I know you are going to think I'm old fashioned but I don't think women should wear leggings as pants.

Sexy yoga pants in public!

I've thought that yoga pants/leggings and tights were not for public display for a while, but a recent first date made it even more clear to me.

So I met a woman on a dating app recently and she seemed really sweet, smart and nice. The photo she included on her dating profile was great. In the profile photo she was wearing a pretty summer dress and she had a straw hat. I was smitten by her charm.

After about a dozen emails back and forth I invited her to come to my family reunion. I know a family reunion was a big step for a first date but she seemed like she would just fit in great with my cousins and grand parents and such.

The day came for us to go to the reunion and I went to pick her up at her friend's place. I almost drove into a fence post when I saw her waiting in the driveway. She looked extremely sexy (read slutty) standing there in her super skimpy yoga pants and cropped tee shirt. It looked like she was going to a yoga class for hookers or something.

When I got up closer to her I could see that the yoga pants were actually really thin tights. They were so thin in fact that I could easily see her genitals and even the outline of her pubic hair. I tried to avert my gaze but it was quite the show. I could only imagine the view of her ass in them.

Unfortunately her top also wasn't designed to be seen in public. Her tee shirt was so short that you could see the bottoms of her ample breasts peaking out from under it. And, since it was sleeveless, the side-boob action was impossible to miss. Fortunately she was wearing a black bra that covered at least most of her boobs.

I knew instantly that my very conservative family were going to judge me like crazy.

Anyhow, we went to the family reunion, and while she was very nice and friendly with my family, I could tell by the way people reacted when they saw her outfit that they thought she was a tramp.

When I noticed my uncles ogling her ass in those leggings, and my cousins all perving on her I decided I was done. I faked a stomach ache and dropped her at home.

Ya, she was crazy sexy but that is for private time in the bedroom. We haven't talked since.

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