She Couldnt Keep Her Top Onů

Ok. I'm obviously a bit naive or possibly just out of touch with the realities of being single. Not so much about sex but about the whole hookup scene that is so pervasive these days.

A whole new kind of dog walking!

So, I'm in my early 40's and fairly recently single again. My wife kicked me out about 4 months ago and after taking some time to recover from that, I thought I should try to find a woman to hang out with. I didn't really think about what I wanted - I just wanted some company and possibly to get laid eventually. After searching online a bit I realized that Tinder was the app that everyone was using to meet up so I downloaded it and made a profile. It worked great - within a few hours I had found a half dozen women in my area that wanted to get together. I chose one and arranged to meet her the next afternoon at the park. All good, I thought.

Just as planned I met my date in the park and we decided to walk for a bit. But, here is where I was naive. Within a minute or two she was telling me the best places for a hookup in the park. I'd never heard the word used that way before. But she was eager and it wasn't long before she led me into the woods and started to pull up her top. I stopped her just before she was indecent.

That's when she explained to me that Tinder was all about hookups. WTF! I'd never even imagined that people would want to get intimate on the first date. Especially in the park. I was looking for romance and some fun.

That afternoon I deleted my profile from the Tinder app. I'll go back to meeting girls in sleazy bars where it's safe and I understand the terms.

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