Some Things Are Just Better Left Unsaid…

So I had been going out with this guy for only a couple of weeks. It was all quite new and we were not really sure whether it was a serious thing or not. He did make me laugh and we seemed to know some of the same people. Anyway the big office Christmas party was coming up and after much consultation with my besties I decided to invite Roger. I had only been working for the company for 6 months but was really feeling like I fit in and was excited about the prospect of future advancement.

Crazy Girl Hushing!

The evening of the party came and Roger arrived to pick me up looking very stylish in a new suit and new haircut. It was so sweet that he had made an effort and he did look very handsome. We arrived at the party and I introduced him to some of my work colleagues. He went to get drinks and my friends told me how nice Roger was. I was feeling so happy and quite relieved that things were going so well. Wow I thought to myself, this is going to be a great evening… Who knows what it may lead to.

Anyway the evening progressed nicely. Roger was the perfect boyfriend, laughing at jokes, making interesting conversation and getting drinks. We were really having a great time. At about ten, I realized that I hadn’t seen Roger for a little while. He had excused himself to find the men’s room and hadn’t returned. I didn’t want to act all needy and worried but I casually looked around the room and couldn’t see him. Sharon asked me ” Where’s Roger? He seems to be taking a awful long time. I hope he is OK” I excused myself and went to check.

The party was at my boss’s house and I was not really sure where the washrooms were. I walked down a narrow hallway and thought I heard whispering. I turned the corner and what should I see but Roger and my boss’s wife in a passionate embrace. They didn’t notice me, so I retraced my steps to join the party. I was as mad as hell but determined not to embarrass myself or to make a scene.

When Roger did return to our group, I pretended that nothing was wrong and we all continued with what appeared to be a pleasant evening. The party started to wrap up at midnight and we headed to the front door to collect our coats and say our goodbyes. Roger said he would go and get the car so that I wouldn’t have to walk far in the cold and in my high heels. “How sweet and thoughtful” said Sharon. However there was no way I was getting into the car with Roger or ever seeing him again. Little did he know that I had arranged for a cab to pick me up around the corner away from the party and prying eyes. I never did see Roger or mention the whole sordid business to my boss. Some things are just better left unsaid.

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