The Customer Is Always Right…

Do you like your job?

If you are anything like me, there are days when I just don't feel like going. I work in retail and spend a lot of time dealing with disgruntled customers at the service desk. Day in day out people come in and complain about the most ridiculous things and make up insane stories just to get a refund. In my store, most of the time we refund no questions asked but still customers feel the need to explain the whole convoluted story without forgetting any tiny detail.

Anyway one day there was a a line up at the desk about 15 customers long and a lady starts going on and on about how she was very unhappy and she was the customer and don't you know that the customer is always right. I noticed her face getting redder and redder and suddenly she crashed to the floor. I screamed out for help and jumped over the desk when one of the other customers in line came over to her and immediately started checking her breathing and commenced CPR. It was very intense. One of my co-workers had already called 911. I was so scared I thought I was going to faint. Anyway the lady started breathing and the ambulance arrived and took her to the local hospital. The guy who saved her looked over at me and asked if I was Ok. I felt weak and he helped me sit on the floor and just chill for a moment. Did I say it was intense?

Anyway things stated to get back to normal and other customers started wanting their refunds and assistance. I went back to work and didnt see my knight in shining armour. Two days later I was at work and I looked up and there he was. Did I mention that he was extremely good looking? I felt all flushed like I was going to faint again and he asked me if I was Ok again. I was so embarrassed and my co-workers were giggling. To cut a long story short, he asked me out for coffee after my shift and we have been dating ever since. He still makes me weak at the knees.

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