He Took It Outů

Hi Y'all

I had possibly the worst date ever this weekend. He took "it" out. No kidding!!

So here are the gory details. I found a profile online for this guy that looked really great. He ticked all the boxes. He was good looking, had a decent job, listed a ton of things that he liked to do that were all cool, and he seemed kinda charming. We send some messages back and forth and after a few messages we talked on the phone.

On the phone he still seemed pretty great. The conversation was really fun - you know - flirty and light. I like to skirt around sexual topics and he was right into it without getting all "pervy". So anyway, we made a date for Saturday afternoon. He invited me to meet him at the park for a walk. All good so far.

Saturday I met him in the park and we were an instant hit. He was cheerful and fun and, I like always, was bubbly and having a great time. We walked for a long time and eventually we ended up in an area near some trees and he stopped me by grabbing my hand. I was fairly comfortable with him so I thought he was just going to hold my hand. Sounds sweet eh? But noooo. He took my hand and put it in his front pants pocket. Before I new what was happening I felt his penis in there. I yanked my hand out and his willy popped out of the pocket. He had apparently cut the bottom out of his pocket so he could access his bare junk at a moments notice.

Anyhow - I freaked and I actually slapped his face before running back to my car. Thank goodness I have some hand sanitizer in my glove box.

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