It Started Out With A Little Doodle…

A little doodling!

It was my first day at my new job and there were a small bunch of us all sitting in a mini boardroom getting the introductory talk. I was already tuning out by the time the HR woman got started telling us about the pension plan so I started to doodle on my notepad.

I had drawn a bunch of circles my pad when, without warning, the guy next to me leaned over and drew an X's and O's grid on the page. I looked up at him and he smiled with his geeky grin. We played about 6 games (all of which I won) before the HR woman finished and I finally introduced myself to Jerrold, my X's and O's partner. It turned out that our desks were right next to each other and before the day ended he asked me out for a drink after work. The evening went so well that - well, we were both a little late for work the next morning.

Two years later, I'm his boss and he's my husband. Go fugue how things work out :)

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