Then Came The Statement That Ended Our Date…

When I first met Tony at the grocery store he seemed like such a gentleman. The way we met seems a bit cliche but he was in the produce aisle and we both reached for the same tomato. We both dropped it and there was nervous laughter, but it wasn’t long before he asked me out for a coffee date. Of course he seemed nice so we made a plan for the following weekend.

Saturday came and I met Tony at a local coffee shop. It was a warm day so I wore a summery dress and some heels – he was in black jeans and a tank top.

When he came to the table the first words out of his mouth were “Damn you look hot”. Normally I would have been flattered, but the way Tony said it, it sounded kind of sleazy. He sat down and started looking at my chest. Granted my neckline was a bit low, but it was very appropriate; my cleavage was not on display. What Tony said wasn’t so appropriate. He told me that he “liked my rack” and that he was looking forward to “getting to check those momma’s out up close”. Now I was offended, but I still thought we might be able to salvage the date.

After a few minutes of relatively pleasant conversation I told Tony that I needed to use the ladies room. I headed to the washroom and when I returned tony commented that he had taken the liberty of checking out my “caboose” (his term) as I left for the washroom. Then came the statement that changed everything. Tony told me that he liked the way my butt is nice and round – not too bony like his last girlfriend’s. Before I was able to get up to leave he finished his thought saying “I’m going to love grabbing that ba-dunk-adunk in the sack”.

Sufficient to say, Tony saw my butt for the last time as I walked out of our date in disgust.

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